The Law Office of Laura M. Thornberry, Esq.
The Law Office of Laura M. Thornberry, Esq.

Criminal Law (Adult & Juvenile Misdemeanors)

It's easier than you might think to have your world turned upside down in an instant & suddently be facing a misdemeanor criminal charge for Reckless Driving, trespassing or even Assault & Battery.  This is equally true of youngsters in the school system that they just don't want to "deal with" anymore.  It's Ms. Thornberry job to help you navigate this very difficult time in your life and that of your family & seek to get everything back on track.  For first-time offenders, Ms. Thornberry is very good at securing "deferred findings' -- where the judge continues the case w/o making a ruling for a period of 6 months at which time, if there have been no additional problems, the underlying chanrges are competely dismissed.  



Employment Law

Ms. Thornberry likes to look out for the little guy (the employee) & make certain that the larger employers in the area are treating all of their employees equally based on general principles of dignity and repect.  It is unacceptable that certain people in Virginia are teated like second class citizens based on their race, religion, national oriigin or immigration status.


Personal Injury

Our goal is taking on personal injury cases is to gether the medicals ina blitz-attack & present the offending company with an overwhelming amount of evifence for 

why they DON'T WANT TO GO TO TRIAL.  We're looking for quick, but FAIR settlements that are satiffactory to all conserned.  My eperience as a claims adustter for a major auto insurance comany has served me well in negotiating thses settlements.


Education Law

As the mother of 2 autistic children myself, I completely understand the frustrations of attempting to navigate the Special education system on one's own.  I am familiar with the interaction of the Virginia Board of Education & the school systems & how tightly the school system's have their hands on the purse strings that would allow some of our children to truly explore the options that they need.  It is my life's work to see children in need truly thrive in the appropriate learning envoironment.  

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